Featured on the Bongo Boy/ Universal Worldwide compilation summer 2017 release Volume X2 ​ 
#music review for Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show-Season 6 Ep 6-
"Good Music In Media" by Beach Sloth Skopemag.com
Celebratory with its infectious rythym is the impeccable flow of Waheed Ahmad on "HEAT". Funk and Hip-Hop come together into a kaleidoscope of sounds. Stylistically rich, the way the song pushes forward the piece lingers in the mind long after it is over.

"Cus Eye See Em"

"Holla" (if ya hear me) 2018

​Sun Soaked and joyous. Waheed Ahmad's "Holla (if ya hear me)". The celebration of togetherness drives the piece forward. A degree of warmth comes from the compassionate lyricism that adorns the track, one that celebrates togetherness. By Scopemag 2018​​​​​​​
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11. Hi Beams-Waheed Ahmad (HIP HOP) Sick song. i mean that as a compliment. Any song that tells me to "raise my vibe" is a'ight with me. For real. Think for yourself. "Butt naked in the Everglades". I love this song. It's like verbal ear candy for the mind and soul. Go GET A COPY NOW. MUSIC REVIEW BY JENNY CAT/STEEL NOTES MAGAZINE

Music Video Review by Indie Spoonful.  Taking the stand next is Cassani ft. Waheed Ahmad witj their song "Shine." The music video is directed by Waheed Ahmad and shows the two hip-hop artist taking to the streets and showing off their ride and their rhymes. Cassani and Waheed bring a lot of energy to the table and mix it up with hip hop that has a slight R & B feel to it making a reference to "God Bless the Child." In this fully entertaining video, the duo tackles social problems; they talk about determination in the face struggles; and they deliver an uplifting and empowering message-"through the pain and the rain." and "through the darkest moments we shine."

Review by music/video critic Dana McGillicuddy Saravia| Oakland,CA's Waheed Ahmad "Hi Beams." On point,sophisticated rhymes paired with a strong backbeat help make this a memorable song with a powerful message. encouraging listeners to break out of the box to educate themselves and do their own thinking. With lyrics that make a powerful impression and bring intelligent points to ponder. The video brings colourful and at times psychedelic feel to Waheed's performance, creating visuals as smart and unique as the song.
Music Review for Bongo Boy Records-"Volume X"-Waheed Ahmad|by Scope-December 20,2016
Hard-edged is the best blasting work of Waheed Ahmad's "Hi Beams". With a busy, bustling arrangement the piece moves at breakneck speed. Everything simply works from the way the blistering flow works out to the hysterical arrangement, it's a full-on assault on the senses.  

#musicreview "Volume X" November,2016 Album Review by Bryon Harris Indie Spoonful. Track 11on the compilation is "Hi Beams" by Hip Hop artist Waheed Ahmad. "Hi Beams" is hip hop with a message that is ripe for our times. "Your gonna need a total mind sweep. You've been tricked,led,convinced..."  As a rapper, Ahmad is swift,clear,intelligent and insightful. His lyrics speak  the prison of systemic, mind-controlling media and societal norms. Listeners are encouraged to imagine something different, to keep reaching and thinking, "what if i told you that you could travel the seas...you create your own landscape, you bask in your own heaven or hell."  "Hi Beams" shines a light, exposes a real story that needs to be told and offers resilience and hope.

#Review/Skopemag.com Offering a poignant take on the conformity instilled by mass media, Waheed Ahmad's "Hi Beams" is simply stunning. His mastery of his flow and his lyricism is profound. Throughout the track he displays keen insight into the current state of affairs for how the media influences people.
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 "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" 2018 ft. Ibx92, Cassani and Jimmy JIm
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