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# TV Episode Review by Sophia-The Gypsy Poet...Waheed Ahmad's "Hi Beams" This would make the old skool rappers such as NWA and Public Enemy proud! The leaders of the New Skool of Rap, such as Snoop Dogg would be more than happy to listen to the tight flow of this amazing artist. Seriously! Mojo in a whole other dimension!


"The Singles" became a 2011 summer hit in Jamaica/Caribbeans. Both songs "Money" and "What Kinda World" hit full rotation on IRIE FM





MIND WAR "Is simply brilliant from start to finish." Ibx92 (London). "This Artist is on to something special and i'm with it" D.J Ras Pablo (UK,Mauritius)

by Poetic Justice-The group Waheed & The Resistance is the epitimy of conscious music. The most beautiful heart felt melodies complementing heaven sent verses, The 2013 Album "Mind War" IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! From begining to end the Best album I've Ever heard. THE FULL PACKAGE. Where ever talk is of conscious music and Waheed & The Resistance isn't mentioned?!? that's that capitalism bullshit.

"It's Time" 2009 (Power Surge Records) Review by Kristy Evans EAST BAY EXPRESS 2/2/2010 Awesome conscious rap album from these Oakland veterans. Those who were starting to get bored with the whole hyphy thing will find sweet relief in "It's Time" which features nineteen tracks worth of intelligent, relevant, socially aware lyrics layered over perfectly arranged music. A world-class band-buy this one. 
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  1. "XtraClip" the video